Charles Corban - Manager, Investigations

Background - Charles is highly experienced in managing complex investigations within the public and private sectors. He has undertaken a wide range of investigations into serious fraud, corruption, maladministration, bullying and harassment. Charles has over 30 years' investigations experience having worked with the ICAC, NSW Police and various other NSW Public Sector agencies and Local Councils.

Many of Charles’ recent investigations have focused on code of conduct, fraud and corruption investigations of public sector agencies through IAB Services. Following the closure of IAB Services in late 2015, Charles joined Procure Group to continue in code of conduct, fraud and corruption investigations.

Charles has extensive experience in investigations at a major Sydney university and NSW TAFE. He also worked for Westpac Group and Insurance Australia Group investigating serious fraud and misconduct and has been proactive in providing advice on the management of fraud and corruption risks within the public and private sectors. He has significant experience in the implementation of fraud prevention measures within the NSW public sector.

He has recently worked at Transport for NSW investigating allegations of corruption and was responsible for implementing corruption prevention and risk management strategies.