Procure can assist you to manage any procurement activity with the optimal balance of market engagement, commercial outcomes, efficient processes, adherence to policy and procedures, understanding of probity risk and value for money.

Our goal in all procurement engagements is to build our client’s reputation as a tough, fair and informed buyer.

Services Provided

The range of procurement advisory services offered by Procure include:

  • Manage procurement processes - We can assist with any or all stages of a procurement life cycle from defining the need, going to market, evaluating proposals, negotiating a contract and managing a contract.
  • Audit procurement processes - As a health check activity or in response to a complaint, Procure can review completed procurement processes to ensure compliance with required policies and procedures, and identify any opportunities for improvement to achieve best practice
  • Supplement your procurement capacity - If your agency has a temporary capacity issue, we can provide short to medium term resources on a part-time or full-time basis to supplement capacity in conducting procurements
  • Review and reform - Whether it is to review a discreet aspect of your procedures, update templates or create a procurement function from scratch, Procure can draw on our exceptional experience and template base to create best practice procedures.

Our Points of Difference

Our people - Each of our team members are highly skilled professionals. We come from diverse backgrounds including federal, state and local governments, private sector, finance executives, lawyers, etc. We work in a collegiate manner to maximise the potential for our diverse experience to add value to your project.

Document library - Procure’s experience across 100 Government Agencies has enabled us to understand which templates work and which ones don’t. From this, we have developed an extensive document suite that can be adapted to suit any agency.

Probity foundation - With Procure also being a probity service provider, we ensure that probity is central to all of our procurement engagements. This includes ensuring transparency and accountability of the process, ensuring appropriate conflict of interest and confidentiality management and dealing effectively with probity risks.

Knowledge transfer and training - We strive to ensure that our ever expanding knowledge of the evolving procurement landscape is appropriately considered in any given procurement. We want to ensure that this knowledge is passed on to our clients for their future benefit. We will look for ways in each engagement to maximise knowledge transfer through workshops, information training, briefings and follow up health checks.


We are prequalified under the Performance and Management Services Scheme, with the following main capabilities related to Procurement:


  • Strategy and Planning
  • Risk
  • Major Project Procurement: Delivery and Project Management
  • Contracting
  • Communication

Organisational Capacity

  • Corporate and Business Strategy and Planning
  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Agency Procurement Assessment (Goods and Services)

General Technical Expertise

  • Procurement


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