About us

Procure was established in 2005 as a specialist probity, governance and procurement advisory consultancy. In 2016 we expanded our service offering to include investigations. We provide our services predominantly to federal and state government agencies, local councils and related organisations. Since 2005, we have been engaged by more than 100 entities on over 1,200 separate engagements.

Our approach to providing high quality services focuses on the following:

  • employing only exceptionally talented people
  • establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients based on openness, trust and co-operation
  • working closely with members of the client's team
  • sharing our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our clients
  • adopting robust and current methodologies to deliver our services
  • working remotely and harnessing communication technology to maximise our availability and value to clients¬†

We are prequalified under the Performance and Management Services Scheme (SCM0005), with the following main capabilities:


  • Strategy and Planning
  • Risk
  • Major Project Procurement: Delivery and Project Management
  • Contracting
  • Communication

Organisational Capacity

  • Corporate and Business Strategy and Planning
  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Investigation Services
  • Agency Procurement Assessment (Goods and Services)

General Technical Expertise

  • Procurement


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